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Atacama: 22º 54\' 24\" S, 68º 12\' 25\" W by Fernando Godoy Monsalve

  • Location:
    The Naisa Space, 601 Christie St, #252, Toronto, ON, CA

Exhibition hours: Thurs 1-4 pm; Fri 1-4 pm; Saturday 10am-3 pm with the exception of being closed on July 24, 25, August 14 and 15.

Atacama : 22º 54\' 24\" S, 68º 12\' 25\" W is a sound installation that maps the locations of the soundscape recordings while providing an opportunity for the listener to experience the soundscapes through personal listening stations. In 2012, the artist travelled to the Atacama Desert in order to explore and record the sound of ruins left by humankind. He was interested in natural phenomena, like wind, sand or electromagnetic radiation, and how these phenomena activate the ruins and set a new landscape.