• Location:
    FROWN, Ag. Eleousis 14 & Protogenous, Monastiraki, Athens, Athens, GR


G and K will do the last performance art piece of Athens. After this, it’d feel pointless to stage another one.

When G and K figure out how to do something, they stop doing it. Perfection and craftmanship both mean nothing to G and K.

G and K don’t care about ideas, either. That’s a whole different generation, many decades ago, who did that. G and K do not want to bore you with ugly conceptual pieces.

The artistic practice of G and K is not performance-based. It’s “moving on”. Since that is what G and K do.

G and K like something and then they don’t. There are no idols or artists or values held in high regard forever.

Tomorrow, G and K might not even be into moving on anymore. The next time Georges sees Kimmo, Kimmo might be passé.

G and K are lone wolves who travel in groups only when traveling in groups is the next cool thing.

“We’re the worst”, G and K thought at first. But no. Artists with moral principles are the worst.

Art is immoral. There are so many other things one can do, like to have sex, take drugs, play with Xbox One, cook with friends, work for charity, help your grandmother.

You really only need to understand this part: when you choose to come and see G and K performing, you’re not doing any of those things.

G: http://www.georgesjacotey.info/
K: http://www.kimmomodig.com/

FROWN : http://www.frowntails.com/