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The Unstitute: Project Updates & Opportunities

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#1: Under Construction at The Unstitute:

"…drifting towards (x)"
The Siege/World's End

"A million million landscapes of the surreal lurked along that single pavement." CADE

The Unstitute continues to rummage through and make sense of the morass of material sent by CADE, the maverick urbanist, attempting to assemble the archive "…drifting towards (x)"

Part 2 of this interactive environment is a series of micro-narratives documenting the violence and inertia which gripped London in October 2012. "The Siege/World's End" does not offer two distinct paths for the flâneur through the labyrinthine, mutable city, but instead offers a series of cul-de-sacs, dead-ends or no-through-roads in the mental landscape; locales hazardous in their normality.

"Pseudo-Führers, scapegoatism, the appearance of random corpses, arson, territorial disputes, animal cruelty; each street-corner reveals new topographies of nihilism, new traps which proliferate the metropolis, new narratives permeating the coherent structure of reality." Bettany Unction, Chief Curator at The Unstitute

Navigating the "..drifting towards (x)" : a user's guide

The Siege / World's End

#2: Now showing at The Unstitute:


The Unstitute continues to offer monthly screenings of experimental videos.

"FUTURE_DEATH_TOLL (F-DT) is a multidisciplinary collective creating work that circumvents the normal bounds that geographic locations and physical media impose on an art form. In a society where choice and personal privacy are increasingly under attack, the struggle for personal empowerment has become the pulled lynchpin to the derailment of human evolution. By confronting and harnessing technology we hope to create tools to orientate our post-evolutionary selves.
F-DT is a throbbing mess of noise that eats technology and shits performance art."


#3: Permanent Collection at The Unstitute:

Stuart Mel Wilson

Stuart Mel Wilson's harrowing and intensive 3-month residency at The Unstitute has now concluded; a gargantuan assembly of words, images and videos standing at the edge of language. Come inside…

"all part of me are dyslexic so are the answers,
they show extreme and the are, it a demonstation of the script we all have, which are extreme in are head but still define are action. mixing that and giving my split personalitys there script are part of my own script which define aspects of myself"

Stuart Mel Wilson

#4: Upcoming at The Unstitute:

Iain Rayner

The next residency in the Spatio-Mnemonic series, 15th January-15th April 2014

"This residency is not art. It is not tricky or sensational, it is just a discreet, digestible part of everything else. What is the everything else I am referring to? It’s my liver gurgling, out of my control but still part of me. It’s my tax return that has never been seen by human eyes, but lies like a cold war sleeper in an electronic vault somewhere. It’s the infinite darkness of the night sky, which is many shades paler than the quilted void of my childhood divan. It’s the tension that draws things together rather than pushes them apart. It’s the entropic taxis that lures us onward to an unseen glow on the horizon. It’s the whole lot."

#5: Forthcoming at The Unstitute:

Dawn Nye's video 'American Love Story: A Landscape in Sequence' will be screening in Projection Room from 15th January to 15th February 2014

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