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Critical Games: The Golden Mile | SUDLAB | Art Residency |

  • Location:
    SUDLAB, II Viale Melina 4, Portici, Napoli, 80055, IT


Critical Games: The Golden Mile
Alexander Jackson Wyatt and Paulina Semkowicz

During their residency at SUDLAB (July 2013), Alexander Jackson Wyatt and Paulina Semkowicz have been elaborating an intermedia practice aiming to rethink the geographical, urban and historical-cultural context of the area at the foot of the Vesuvius. They did so going through “L’Antica via Regia” of Portici, a space from the excavation of Ercolano to the National Park of the Vesuvius reaching the Observatory at the crater of the Vesuvius.
The two artists have lead a participating and estranging observation that has deconstructed the usual perception of the local socio-cultural reality- revealing its latent and unusual aspects thanks to a continuous interaction with local spaces, the inhabitant and the historical sites of the area of the Golden Mile. As much as the place and the community have inspired the aesthetic visual research of Jackson Wyatt and Semkowicz, so did the collective scenario at a micro social level, resulting in continuous renovations of their actions and performances.
The results of their public engagements have flown into a multimedia and interactive environment made of photographs printed using a Xerox copier (Whiteboard, Golden Mile Repository, etc.); digital videos (Lighthouse, Di Vari Gusti (Of Various Flavours)); installations (Miscalculated Sculpture, Mosca) and their photobook Critical Games: The Golden Mile.
Critical Games: The Golden Mile will function as a mobile interface among the exhibition space at SUDLAB and the surrounding area, revealing an alternative representation and fruition of the public space of the area of the Golden Mile.

Paulina Semkowicz
Paulina Semkowicz’s work approaches different artistic terrains such as painting, installation and set design. Her work repeats images and pushes the boundaries of their associations in reference to their surroundings.The intention is to show an interplay of different motives, that redefine the self and its representation in relations to spaces from the past and into the present.
Born in 1980 in Krakow, PL. Studied in Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (diploma 2006). In 2005 studied at the Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto, Portugal. She has undergone numerous exhibitions and art residencies abroad in cities such as Bordeaux, Leipzig and Naples. Her solo exhibitions include: gallery of Fundacja Atelier (Warsaw, PL, 2010), A Suivre (Bordeaux, FR, 2011), FPSW/Galeria Program (Warsaw, PL, 2012). Lives and works in Krakow.

Alexander Jackson Wyatt
Currently working on projects in Italy, Germany and Slovakia and Sydney, Australia. Alexander Jackson Wyatt works across installation and image production within an exchange with institutions. He operates between spatial intervention and image production to combine spatial issues with aspects of documentary material to form temporal encounters which allow for interactivity and viewer participation.
Born 1989. He studied at the National Art School in Sydney (2007-2010) and finished with First Class Honours in Drawing. During 2011 he undertook studio residencies at SNO Sydney and the Queen Street Studios, and then 2012 at the SPINNEREI in Leipzig. He received an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to set up an emerging arts practice. From October 2012 started working with Armin Linke and Michael Clegg (Clegg and Guttman) as a guest student at the Univeristy for Art and Design (HFG) at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. During this time received the inaugural Giorgio Armani commission, involving subsequent residencies in Milan and Sydney in early 2013 to complete a major new work.

SUDLAB | Art Residency