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Spatio-Mnemonic Residency Launch: Stuart Mel Wilson

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    The Unstitute: www.theunstitute.org,

[text=center]The Unstitute is proud to present:

Spatio-Mnemonic Virtual Residency #1

Stuart Mel Wilson

1 October-31 December 2013

Go to Residency: http://theunstitute.org/Extensions.html

Upcoming Spatio-Mnemonic Residency: Iain Rayner

The Unstitute's unique virtual residency programme is a series of developmental projects which engage with and disengage from the mobile, shifting web-architecture of The Unstitute itself. Participants do not 'question the boundaries', (as per the rhetoric of the Art Institution,) but are instead encouraged to create boundaries, objections and impasses and furthermore affirm the movements afforded by this activity. The Unstitute is a memory palace.

You can view and apply for Projects at The Unstitute:http://theunstitute.org/Extensions.Residency.html

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