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Resistance, In Transit A solo exhibition by artist GRACIELA SACCO

  • Location:
    ADC Contemporary & BUILDING BRIDGES International Art Exchange, Bergamot Station Arts Center 2525 Michigan Ave., Unit F2 CA , Santa Monica, California, 90404 , US

"When art strongly impacts sensitivity, it turns into a force; it reinforces the capacity of resistance, of withstanding the unbearable. It produces effects on both the personal and collective planes. It announces changes and mobilizations, accompanying and denouncing them. It expresses anxieties.

Graciela Sacco (Rosario, Argentina) moves between extreme situations, margins and borders, exile and displacements, violence and power, urban, social and political realities, while exploring the loss of those so-longed-for personal spaces, threatened by everyday circumstances and the spaces that are definitely transitable, in transition or in transit.

Topics that break into the everyday realm in a constant dialog that is resignified as it takes place, as well as during the subsequent exhibition, through photography, video and installation. Location of the works fluctuates between public, private and urban circuits, interwoven with ads, flying on postcards, in an unexpected spot in a museum, or by means of an installation in situ that surprises us. What would have gone unnoticed is raised up, identifying objects and concepts in apparently arbitrary contexts and vice versa. Thus, the work interferes in hegemonic discourse and provokes greater participation by the public, the recipient on whom assimilation of the creative process converges." by Laura Pomerantz.