CALL FOR WORK: Share poetic mirco-videos on Vine & Instagram

  • Location:
    100,000 Poets & Artists for Change @ Silo City, 92 Childs St. , Buffalo, NY, New York, 14201, US

Squeaky Wheel invites you to participate in the 100,000 Poets and Artists for Change by submitting videos and photos via mobile apps Vine and Instagram using hashtag #100tpcBuffalo.

Your submissions illustrating ideas of change, transformation, peace and sustainability will be displayed in installations throughout the event at Silo City.

Show a process: Trees being planted, food being shared, the world in flux

Read a line of poetry: A source of inspiration, a perspective of the world

Send a message: Use images and text to inspire

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Follow this helpful how-to guide on making great videos with Vine and Instagram:

You can also email your submissions, by midnight on Monday, September 23, to:

Read more about the event: