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FACADE VIDEO FESTIVAL 12-15 | 09 | 2013, Plovdiv.

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FACADE VIDEO FESTIVAL 12-15 | 09 | 2013, Plovdiv.

Program: http://www.facade.arttoday.org/en/2013/program and partecipants: http://www.facade.arttoday.org/en/2013/participants

URBAN SPACE converts its solely function as a mere backdrop and is about to be activated. Thus the neglected public space of the Old Town and other neighbourhoods of Plovdiv is transformed into a vivid place of artistic practice. Cineasts and random passer-bys form an audience in a unique setting. The facades themselves start to act, to talk and to move.

VIDEO ART leaves its hermetic and privileged venues as art-house cinemas, galleries and museums. The facade becomes a new medium of encounter between artist and recipient, between art and urban environment. The festival would become a platform where cultural institutions, curators, artists, critics from all over the world can exchange ideas and experiences in the field of the contemporary art.

Façade is a project of Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv, The Ancient Bath. E-mail: office@arttoday.org web: http://www.facade.arttoday.org