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Recology San Francisco, Art at the Dump Artist in Residence Exhibitions: Work by Kristin Cammermeyer, Chad Hasegawa and visiting artists from Haiti

  • Location:
    Recology San Francisco Art Studio, 503 Tunnel Ave., San Francisco, California, 94134, US

Exhibition and reception for current artists-in-residence Kristin Cammermeyer and Chad Hasegawa, and visiting artists Claudel Casseus, Romel Jean Pierre, and Racine Polycarpe on Friday, September 20, from 5-9pm and Saturday, September 21, from 1-3pm. Additional viewing hours will be held on Tuesday, September 24, from 5-7pm. An artist panel discussion will follow at 7pm at 401 Tunnel Avenue. This exhibition will be the culmination of work by the artists who have scavenged materials from the dump to make art and promote recycling and reuse.

Kristin Cammermeyer: DOUBLE HOW in & out the Back Room

Through a large-scale installation, video works, and small mixed-media pieces, Kristin Cammermeyer explores the daily operations and physical structures at the Recology site, and the often surreal nature of life at the dump. Works mimic the processing and movement of materials through the facility and convey the sense of disorientation that occurs in an environment where nothing stands still. The architecture of the art studio’s back room, where Cammermeyer has worked during her residency, also informs the work.

Chad Hasegawa: Os Pukas
Chad Hasegawa’s iconic grizzly bear explores the terrain of the dump during the artist’s residency. Paintings, sculpture, and an installation by Hasegawa position the bear as scavenger and survivor trying to make a home amidst the offerings of the dump, and speak to the collision of nature and civilization. Because Hasegawa often uses the bear as a stand-in for the individual, his work also comments on personal, as well as global struggles to find shelter and security.

Port-au-Prince to San Francisco: Work by Claudel Casseus, Romel Jean Pierre, and Racine Polycarpe

Claudel Casseus, Romel Jean Pierre, and Racine Polycarpe are artists who live and work in Haiti. They belong to Atis-Rezistans, an artist collective in Port-au-Prince whose members use recycled materials to create assemblage art. During August and September, they will be at Recology San Francisco as international artists-in-residence. Their visit is sponsored by Project Hope Art, an Aptos, California-based organization that has worked in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake to provide art, science, nutrition and literacy programs to improve the quality of life for youth in need.