Problematic - Con Artist Collective group-show

  • Location:
    Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St, Brooklyn, New York, 11237, US

(BROOKLYN, NY) Con Artist is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled Problematic, curated by artist Sessa Englund. The exhibition demonstrates work that engages with art's most paradoxical natures and will include works by members of the Con Artist Collective: Laura Tack, Ko Irkt, Michael Sharp, Miranda Nichols, Olivia Fox, Charles Allen, Chris Simon, Cody Oyama, Saroj Patel, Matsumoto Sanpo, Natania Frydman, Shaina Yang and Eric Steginsky.

Art inhabits a space in-between subjects: It embodies a reflection of the past and a creation of the future, a movement towards order and disorder within its own entity. Using this subject as a starting point, this exhibition deals primarily in the way in which contradiction and conflict within the artist can become inspirational to his/her path toward art-making that is investigational, divisive and explorational.

The fifteen invited artists were asked to center their process on three contradictions which they perceive to be inherent in the contemporary practice of art: art as rejuvenator and self-destructor, art as both dependent and independent upon consumerism, and art as both a heightening and an obfuscating agent in our attempt to perceive reality. The resultant exhibition displays a variety of work all speaking to the individual artists' struggle with the common paradoxes of the artistic practice.

Sessa Englund is a multi dimensional artists living in Brooklyn. Solo shows include the upcoming "Incomplete Response", 119 Ludlow, NYC, "Solo Solo-Solo", Roten 2, Gothenburg, "You Missed It", Grace Exhibition Space, "Flowers of Habit", School of Art+Design, Purchase.