July Sound Off: Robb Kunz: Sounds Squared

  • Location:
    16 Beaver , 16 Beaver St, New York, New York, 10004

((audience)) is pleased to announce a transcontinental studio visit with Seattle sound artist, Robb Kunz at our Sound Off Salon on July 11th. Robb Kunz will present an installation version of his public art work in progress, Sounds Squared and give a brief talk about his work.

The reception for Sounds Squared will begin at 7:00pm on July 11th and Robb Kunz will give a brief talk about his work at 8pm.
Kunz’s discussion of how, what and why he creates these kinetic sound exhibitions will address topics ranging from psychoacoustics, the limitations of loudspeakers, the history of recording technology, low-power FM (pirate radio), DIY electronics and creative re-use.

Because the 16 Beaver space will be dedicated this evening to the Sounds Squared installation, July’s Sound Off salon will not include an opening concert. Robb’s talk will begin promptly at 8pm. We will be locking up early this month (around 9:45pm) to head to Tribeca Cinema for JG Thirlwell’s Manorexia: Dinoflagellate Blooms screening.

Kinetic Sound Works: http://www.kineticsoundworks.com/

Bark! Disembark! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/61039426[/vimeo] (2012 public art installation)