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  • Location:
    villa paolina bonaparte museum, via machiavelli , viareggio, Lucca, 55049, IT

we are living in a time where everything comes quickly. the products are made by few people that want to impose us artworks not really original .fortunately many artists create something unconventional with the heart and with the mind "unconventional-minds" was born from this reality: the new exhibition, organized by maurizio marco tozzi, will be in viareggio from 12th july to 4th of august in villa paolina bonaparte museum. it will be a show where the new expressions of contemporary art will be represented by a group of twenty artists from different experiences: new media art, video art, performance, photography, painting, sculpture and music. it's an oppurtunity to analyse the art as a strument to escape from reality. "unconventional-mind "is an exhibition involving artists from different countries, with new concepts, new ideas and a new way to understand the life.
the artists :
Antonio Agostini & Stefano Bresciani
& Riccardo Puccetti
Alessandro Amaducci
Blanka Bernasconi
John Bizas
Enrico Bovi
Nicola Fanini
Irene Franchi & Madame Du Bois
Carlo Galli
Bastian Gerlach
Murat Onol
Penelope Parx
Cristiana Pieroni
Elisa Rescaldani
Scott Rolfe
Gian Luca Rulli
Giuseppe Sinesi
Lino Strangis
Carlo Trevisan
Antonio Vilasi