Facts and Fictions

  • Location:
    Recession Art and The Invisible Dog, 47 and 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11201, US


Curated by Ani Katz and Sara Winston

Featuring Vika Adutova, Michael Borowski, Andrew Russel Coates, Marianne Dages, Barbara Diener, Gregg Evans, Adam Forrester, Joe Gutowski, Lauren Hermele, Julie Renée Jones, Ceci Cole Mcinturff, Jordan Rathus, David Rodriguez, Bailey Scieszka, and Yi Yunyi.

At the Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St Brooklyn
And the Recession Art Gallery, 47 Bergen St Brooklyn

Opening June 1, 6-10 pm
On View Thru June 8

Recession Art is pleased to present our spring 2013 group show at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Facts and Fictions. Facts and Fictions explores themes of fiction, narrative, storytelling, and the tension between what is true and what is real.

No photograph is ever true. In a photograph, your friend is no longer your friend; he is a pattern of light and shadow and geometry on a piece of paper or a screen, and nothing about him exists beyond the discrete parcel of time in which you made the exposure. There is a fiction in every photograph. The same can be said of all visual and written media that engage with stories. Even the most objective recording of events is filtered through an individual’s point of view into a subjective narrative.

However, just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it can’t be real. The facts of observation can be described in ways that share a kinship with the fabric of lived experience, yet surprise us with the array of their fictional articulations. The artists of Facts and Fictions show how art can make us see and believe in ways that have nothing to do with truth.