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Public Access: Dead or Alive

  • Location:
    Museum of Art and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, New York, New York, 10019, US

This second panel in the Supply Demand series considers the history of cable access, the problems and prospects of public access television in the internet age, and new opportunities for repurposing broadcast airwaves.

In the twenty-first century, the media markets have become flooded with blogs and tumblrs, vlogs and Vimeo. There are countless ways to distribute video media through the internet. How have public-access media adapted these new technologies to provide free access for locally produced community media? Television as we have known it is changing, increasingly delivered on-demand: How do artists' bring the serialized or 24-hour formats of television programming into the online world? And what are the potentials and challenges of repurposing the analog television bandwidth for local, independent broadcasts?

Supply / Demand is a series of panel discussions and tech demonstrations that asks:
How can artists make use of new channels of distribution? How can artists contribute to emerging protocols of distribution?