useful pictures

  • Location:
    Michael Matthews, the basement of 414 W 145th Street, New York, Harlem, New York, US

Ben Alper, Heather Cleary, Bobby Davidson, Carey Denniston, Dillon DeWaters, Jon Feinstein, Brian Patrick Franklin, Jeremy Haik, Curtis Hamilton, Diane Neumaier, Sarah Palmer, Jordan Tate, Penelope Umbrico

Michael Matthews is pleased to present useful pictures, the debut exhibition from the newly launched artist-run platform for contemporary photographic practices of the same name.

In the last decade a populist explosion in photographic participation and literacy has followed an increase in diversity and availability of digital capture devices. The network has linked these devices to produce an immaterial and global proliferation of images. Efforts to examine this phenomenon and the language used to describe it leave behind an increasingly complicated discourse and a breadth of new practices that further increase the complexity of what is possible photographically. Useful pictures gathers together a spectrum of representative works and practitioners to further this dialogue and constructive examination.

Michael Matthews is located in the basement of 414 W 145th Street, New York, NY, and is easily accessed by the by A B C D and 1 trains. See for more information.

Image info: Sarah Palmer, Echo/When I Think of the Place, 20 x 25", 2010, digital c-print