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Melanie Bonajo: One Question, Three Rooms, 44 Possible Answers.

  • Location:
    PPOW Gallery, 535 West 22nd St, New York, New York, US

Melanie Bonajo

Does the sun only set for humans?
One Question, Three Rooms, 44 Possible Answers

February 28 – March 30, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb. 28, 6-8pm

Is there wisdom on the end of nature?
The perfect woman, what does she want?
Who is the problem?
Why was Marx not a Marxist?
Does the sleep of emotions produce monsters?
Is information a third kind of stuff?
Did you only survive by mistake?
How many humans can fit into utopia?
Do we leave the Animal Kingdom out in the darkness?
Do we need to take sides?
Do we let patterns of conceptual convenience leave unsuitable marks on our perception?
Do we need sensitive enquiry into our inner life to do business?
What if the 72 virgins are not like they expected?
Is reason linked to sex?
Are women human too?
What defines an animal?
Are borders of species a hard bound volume of the library of nature?
Can we discover something that always existed?
Can science understand the behavior of stones?
Can we simply toss up and choose at random?
Do we have to be so confident?
Is the sky touchable?
Can you point out the border between heaven and hell?
Are habitats of the heart motivated by megalomania?
When God appears do you welcome her?
When the Devil appears do you welcome her?
Is duality a virus of the mind?
Who built the first fence?
Are animals machines?
Do we need more vagina buildings?
Why is gender relevant?
Where does change start?
Does your cat need to get rid of its ego?
Is utopia just for humans?
If one being matters do all beings matter?
Is god-free metaphysics the alarm that greeted our end?
Did I only survive by mistake?
Is faith an efficient parasite?
Where does your gaze rest?
What has become of the body?
What purpose does it have to invent a new one?
Is mutual dependence no longer part of human life?
Can happiness be proven?

Melanie Bonajo lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin. Her work has been exhibited and performed in international art institutions, such as De Appel Arts Cente, Amsterdam; Institute Neérlandais, Paris; Modern Art Museum, Ljubljana; Kohun National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; SMBA, Amsterdam; Program, Berlin; Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem and Foam, Amsterdam. Bonajo had created seven photographic monographs; I have a Room with Everything 2009, Furniture Bondage 2009, Modern Life of the Soul 2008, Volkerschau and Bush Compulsion 2009, 1 question 9 possible answers 3 rooms 2012, Spheres 2012. In 2012, Bonajo initiated the collective GENITAL INTERNATIONAL which focuses on subjects around participation, equality, environment and politics beyond polarity.