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Sound Device n.2, 28th February at 18.30 at Rathmines Library, Dublin

  • Location:
    Rathmines Library, Dublin, IE

Dear friends & colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well.

I'm glad to present the next Sound Devices listening event - Sound
Device n.2 that will be on 28th February at 18.30 at Rathmines Library, Dublin.
Sound Devices is an exciting new way for both artists and audiences to
explore the connection between sound, acousmatic music and literature.
Join us in celebration of historical Rathmines Library’s 100th anniversary for a series of curated monthly events in the form of
imaginative journeys through sound. All events are free and open to the public.

The lineup for the event is:

Intro: Pride & Prejudice: movement, past, possible, present plus
letters: verbs by Maura Hazelden (5:02)

tsuka mo ugoke by Olivia Louvel (5:25)

Persian Cat Blues by Una Lee & Peter Wullen (2:17)

L’Etranger (deducted) by Jamez Dean (2:28)

Ombre by Daria Baiocchi (8:00)

One Quick Memory by Jonathan Johnson (1:00) video

Cullando Parole Svanite by Lorenzo Scacchia (3:33) video

Caladan – Landing by Florian Hartlieb (2:38)

Tales from Space by Chiara Passa (2:22)

Caladan- Exploration by Florian Hartlieb (3:51)

L’Imaginaire by Elsa Justel (5:06)

Special guest: Steve McCourt, introducing 'Ideomas (2nd and 3rd movement)'

> The lineup above will be listed on our blog http://www.sounddevicesdublin.wordpress.com from tomorrow, where you will also find any updates as the series progresses. Please spread the word, and if you have any friends in Dublin make sure to let them know!

> If you'd like to get a sense of the series, a podcast digest of the first event is available here: https://soundcloud.com/groups/sound-devices-dublin

> And here's a facebook invite you can pass around: https://www.facebook.com/events/267079796756417/permalink/267079806756416/?notif_t=like

This should be all for now…thanks again.

Kind regards,


[ La Cosa Preziosa @lacosapreziosa ]

Sound Devices: explorations in sound and literature
Opening event 28th Feb 2013
Rathmines Public Library, Dublin.