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Friendship as a Conceptual Landscape

  • Location:
    Gallery Simulaker, Vrhovčeva 1a , Novo mesto, 8000 , SI

Maja Kalogera - multimedia exhibition

From the foreword to the catalog:
“In the exhibition Friendship as a Conceptual Landscape, Croatian artist Maja Kalogera tackles reflection on the nature of interpersonal relations, as established by the new age social network that lives on the web. This project, says the author, is a visual attempt of defining the friendship in the age of Facebook.

…Multimedia installation touches several aspects of friendship, as making sense of the apparent closeness and remoteness of the virtual world that is becoming increasingly a part of our real, experiential world and thus also part of the landscape. Ornamental design networks simulate the natural world, and thus constitutes a unique landscape formed by relationships between individuals.

…The video installation, created using 3D cameras and projected in real-time tackles Maja Kalogera's perception of ourselves through the eyes of another. The confrontation of real and virtual selves addresses the question of perception: why is the mirage more important than the substance?

…Taking a short video entitled My virtual friend, the effects of online friendship with a twist of humor translates in with the absurdity of everyday life characterized situation. The exhibition is rounded off with an interactive sound installation which for the successful operation requires dual input - visitor can properly test it only with one more person: as if only physical participation remains guarantor of genuine communication and human relations.”

Curator: Matjaz Brulc
Programming: Daniel Pyrathon, Alfredo Calosci
Sound: Arbol, DJ Ru