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Exhibition opening - Object Relationships by Patrick Todd

  • Location:
    Soapbox Gallery, 636 Dean Street, , Brooklyn, NY, New York, 11238, US

Patrick Todd - Object Relationships
Exhibit Opening
Friday, February 15, 2013
At Soapbox Gallery

Patrick Todd (USA) was born in Hawaii and grew up traveling. In his travels he has learned to relate to many cultures and to let the best of everything influence his daily life. Todd is a schooled artist who has spent the better part of his creative life unlearning what was learned. The artist's current interest is in realizing contemporary abstract images through a combination of traditional painting techniques from earlier epochs paired with the language of surface manipulation that is being widely used today.

Soapbox Gallery is dedicated to providing a forum for visual artists to engage in the issues of our time and express themselves publicly without censorship. In the tradition of the humble yet mighty soapbox that encouraged free speech and played a role in the development of our social contract, provocative work can stir public debate, raise consciousness, and even spur social evolution. Too many of us despair at the lack of content in work celebrated by the ART world. Soapbox Gallery challenges artists to speak out and be relevant.

Contact: info.soapboxgallery@gmail.com