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AD BOOK: Express Visual Edition by BFFA3AE

  • Location:
    Gloria Maria Gallery, Via Watt 32, Milan, 20143, IT

Gloria Maria Gallery is pleased to present BFFA3AE's AD BOOK published by Badlands Unlimited. 

AD BOOK consists entirely of art advertisements: for artists, galleries, publications, businesses, and anything arts related. For the book, BFFA3AE created a system of value to determine the cost of each ad. The fee was based on a set of variables mimicking advertising standards, while offering a new approach to the traditional advertising system. With an introduction by Knight Landesman, publisher of Artforum. 

In addition to the book, the exhibition will include a new four-channel video installation the artists have envisioned as an advertisement for the book itself.

BFFA3AE was formed in 2007 and consists of Daniel Chew, Micaela Durand, and Matthew Gaffney. They work in a variety of mediums including film, performance, laptops, and sculpture. BFFA3AE are best friends forever and ev3r and ev3r. They reside in New York.