(Il)legal Aesthetics

  • Location:
    Ptarmigan, Toom-Kooli 13, Tallinn, EE

For the first quarter of 2013, Ptarmigan will schedule activities around the theme of (Il)legal Aesthetics. On Saturday, 19 January, we invite the public to Ptarmigan for the presentation of the (Il)legal Aesthetics core workshop, which occurs 16-19 January and features participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, the US, Sweden, Denmark and the UK. While the workshop is closed to the public now, we will be showcasing output from the group at Ptarmigan and outside.

Spearheaded by our resident artist Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Illegal Aesthetics will loosely encompass a variety of activities that revolve around similar concerns. Explicitly embracing the educational realm, (Il)legal Aesthetics refers to activities that straddle the gap between legal and illegal. These activities will explore concepts such as law, permission and property. We will investigate responsibilities and possibilities; we will attempt to discover (il)legal forms of action and aesthetics.

The core workshop will start with theme coverage from social, economical and artistic aspects which will be introduced by John W. Fail. A theoretical discourse on new media and critical approach in art will be given by Prof. Raivo Kelomees while practical deconstruction of the theme will be conducted by Mindaugas Gapsevicius, Fiona Flynn and Lewis McGuffie.

(Il)legal Aesthetics is organised within Migrating Art Academies framework in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association, Estonian Academy of Arts and Ptarmigan Tallinn. The laboratory is supported by KUNO network and Kulturkontakt Nord.

Entrance is free. We will have presentations of the projects created by the workshop participants during the few days of the workshop. Programme will being at Ptarmigan and move to outside locations as necessary.

Workshop details: