• Location:
    Art In FLUX Harlem, 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., New York, NY, New York, 10027, US

DISCOVERY (Gallery Exhibit)
Three artists from Harlem on a path to discovering self - each looking outwardly at their surroundings and at the same time evaluating their place in the world. The union of these three artists creates a distorted and curious view of the world. Their works as a group are brought to life with the juxtaposition of dissimilar aspects. Each found object in Suprina’s pieces is an abstracted view of humanity. Ivan introduces thought provoking questions and intense emotions through distorted images of himself. Makeba sees herself through the faces of others and celebrates the influence of other extraordinary young artists.
Curator: Leanne Stella
Exhibiting Artists: Suprina, Makeba Rainey, and Ivan Forde