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Call For Submissions: The Resonant Image - Stage 01

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 11, 2005, 6:53 a.m.


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Stasisfield and the Stasis_Space net.gallery present the call for submissions for a new exhibition of image and sound.


THE RESONANT IMAGE : Contemporary Graphic Scores and Performances


Graphic scores are images created to convey instructions for the performance of sound or music without the inclusion of standard musical notation. The Resonant Image, a new two-stage exhibition in the Stasis_Space gallery, will explore the creation and interpretation of graphic scores by contemporary artists. In Stage 01 of the exhibition, a series of new graphic scores by a variety of artists will be displayed for a four month period. During those four months, another set of artists will be asked to create sonic interpretations of these scores. Stage 02 of the exhibition will present the best of these performances as downloadable mp3s.






Submissions should take into consideration two factors: their ability to be displayed on the Web, as well as their ability to be used practically during a performance. Images should be accompanied by explanatory text with instructions for performance.

Scores should be inherently flexible in their ability to be performed by as few as one or as many as ten or more artists. The more flexible the score, the better chance it has to be recorded by an interested artist or group of artists.

Scores may take two forms:

+ STILL IMAGES should be able to be printed as a high-resolution PDF file, as well as be displayed on the Web as a GIF, JPG or PNG.

+ MOVING IMAGES are also acceptable. Again, practicality in their use during a performance as well as their ability to be displayed on the Web are the primary concerns. Acceptable file formats include MOV, MPG, SWF. Other formats may be accepted; submit a written proposal via e-mail before submitting your final piece.




Please do NOT submit screen shots of MAX/MSP patches or other software-specific visuals. This project is intended as an investigation of human artistic translation into sound of visual imagery that may stand on its own as a work of visual art. While software patch graphics or screen shots may have an inherent beauty, they are not considered to be within the aesthetic bounds of this project.





E-mail GIF, JPG or PNG files ONLY (not PDFs) to space@stasisfield.com. If your image is accepted for the exhibition, you will be contacted to provide a high-resolution version of the image. Alternatively, you may mail a CDR containing high and low resolution versions of your image(s) to the submission address below (see Where to Submit).


E-mail a PROPOSAL for your project. If you have your own server space, you may send a link to a finished piece. If you do not have access to server space, you may send your project on CDR to the submission address below (see Where to Submit).




Works on CDR should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 66
Evanston, IL 60204-0066

Web-ready still images and proposals/links for moving images may be e-mailed to:




+ The deadline for Stage 01 submissions is MARCH 31, 2005.

+ Stage 01 is scheduled to premiere on MAY 2, 2005.


Thanks for your interest in this project, I look forward to reviewing your submissions!


john kannenberg

Stasisfield.com creator + curator

[ http://www.johnkannenberg.com ]

[ http://www.stasisfield.com ]