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Artist Talk by Kristin Lucas

  • Location:
    The Present Company, 29 Wythe Avenue at 13th St., Brooklyn, New York, 11211, US

Kristin Lucas will talk about her ongoing "Yard Sale in the Sky" project that is currently part of the Pretty Conceptual Holiday Pop-Up Store.

Yard Sale in the Sky is an art project that borrows from the structure and function of a community yard sale. Ideas for "virtual" yard sale items are proposed and produced by local artists. The objects at this yard sale are not from the attic and basement, but are digitally rendered products of Augmented Reality. Using a free app, shoppers can see the virtual yard sale items on smartphones and tablets when passing through each object's programmed longitudinal/latitudinal location. In exchange for cash, virtual yardsale items are relocated to buyers homes using geolocation technology.

Stop by and see a demonstration. Acquire your own virtual object while they last!