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MIA presents Favorites from AXWFF

  • Location:
    Armory Center for the Arts, 145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, California, California, 91103, US

On November 28th the MIA screening series will present a selection of fifteen Favorites from Another Experiment by Women Film Festival curated by the festival's director, Lili White. The Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (AXWFF) screens the work of women experimental filmmakers at the Anthology Film Archives in New York, NY.

Alessandra Cianelli, a native of Naples where the octopus plays a central role, tells the Story of the Octopus with a Heart-Shaped Head (2009). A travel show taking the audience to a non-space, Lori Felker & Robert Todd explore the duality of place in The Mirrored Curtain (2011). Angela Ferraiolo's Subway (2011) is an generative montage, assembled by a computer using a variety of algorithms to create the final result. In You Can See the Sun in Late December (2010) Sasha Waters Freyer films evidence of absence, presence and maternity in cold winter light. Matoula Eolou Gekko's This Is A Test Reel (2010) is a series of portraits of strangers on the streets of Athens holding up captions the artist had pre-prepared which unfold the artist's reaction to the financial crisis. Using a home-made optical printing technique, Noe Kidder experiments with abstracting the image and her own experience of loss in Paradise (2007). A repetition of images in equally timed segments lull and seduce in Sally Grizzell Larson's Axiom (2010). Ana Rodríguez León takes the audience on a trip from the past to the future in Bell & Howell 2146 XL (2011). Xmas in the suburbs is juxtaposed with a line from To Kill A Mockingbird, "There are a lot of ugly things in the world. I wish I could protect you from them." in Kelly Oliver's The Borough (2010). Through superimposed and repeated motifs, Liliana Resnick's INSiDE OUT (2011) shows how a cycle of violence empowers a man by destroying a woman. Lynne Sachs films her daughter Maya Street-Sachs in Same Stream Twice (2011). Una Sporca Vacanza (Dirty Vacation) (2005) by Cinzia Sarto joins imagery both documentary and digital to depict humans on vacation, indifferent to the reality surrounding them. Rebecca Louise Tiernan's One Mississippi is a psycho-narrative of four girls playing skipping rhymes in a barren field with a lonesome Scarecrow. A homage to motherhood, Lili White's 8 Happinesses in 8 Minutes at the Park (2011) spends a few minutes of time in a shared space with different species. The mother-daughter collaboration, C & A Projects (Carolyn Radlo and Alanna Simone) investigate the state of the world in a stop motion animation, and this forest will be a desert (2010) - it's all about plastic, panic and paradise.

The MIA(Moving Image Art) series began in June of 2012, founded by video artist Alanna Simone to promote the work of artists who use the moving image. Every 4th Friday the MIA series screens video art, experimental films, performance art, essay films and animation from local and international artists at the Armory Center for the Arts, 145 North Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103. Each program is organized around a theme and regular screenings usually last a little over an hour. A donation of $5 is suggested. If you'd like more information about MIA screenings, please visit the series' website http://MIAscreen.com or send an email to: newsletter@MIAscreen.com