STREAM - Short Film & Video Art

  • Location:
    Gallery Neuartig, 366 West 7th Street, San Pedro, California, 90731, US

A Screening of Short Films and Video Art

Curated by Xiaowen Zhu
Presented by Gallery Neuartig

Thursday, Dec. 6, 6:30 - 9:15 p.m.
First Thursday Artwalk in San Pedro

List of Films & Videos:
1. At the End Before the Beginning
Experimental film, duration: 07:20
Director: Matthias Winckelmann (Germany)
2. Droplets
Experimental animation, duration: 02:45
Director: Simon Fiedler (Germany)
3. The Bat
Short fiction film, duration: 12:35
Director: Junekyu Park (South Korea)
4. Two Blinds
Video art, duration: 02:53
Artist: Elisabeth Roth (Germany)
5. A Party Record Packed with Sex and Sadness
Video art, duration: 10:13
Artist: Bobby Abate (USA)
6. Beauty Evaporates
Experimental film, duration: 04:00
Director: Junekyu Park (South Korea)
7. Tree Man
Short fiction film, duration: 16:30
Director: Claire Yingchin Wang (Taiwan)
8. Forest Walk Snow
Video Art, duration: 02:23
Artist: Yumi Kinoshita (Japan)
9. Harmony Is Coming
Video Art, duration: 01:08
Artist: Xiaowen Zhu (China), Matthias Winckelmann (Germany)
10. Gekochter Schnee / Cooked Snow
Video Art, duration: 06:30
Artist: Xiaowen Zhu (China)
11. Hamlet, Act 2 Scene 2
Short film, duration: 07:57
Director: Taso Papadakis (USA)
12. Plot Point
Short fiction film, duration: 15:00
Director: Yehonatan Richter-levin (Germany)