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New Works by Katie Buono, Holly Heidt, and Julie Petrusak

  • Location:
    The Tank, 151 West 46th Street, 8th Floor, New York, New York, 10036, US

11/16/12 @ 7 pm
11/17/12 @ 7 pm
$10 tickets

Join Katie Buono, Holly Heidt, Cristina Gustaitis, and Julie Petrusak in a world of sound, image, and motion. A chance to relish the darkness and delight in our simplest parts. Get your static on, your paranormal underworld, and bounce around.

About the pieces:

Time is an interdisciplinary study created and performed by Katie Buono. It ruminates on the time we're spending together. Right now. Featuring archival video footage from the Prelinger Archives and sound samples from Graham Lambkin's Salmon Run.

Vocalise started with Taylor Brook's composition. Inspired by ideas of string, tension, and fluidity, Holly wondered what bodies could do when connected at the waist by a rope. Together, could they create a singular being? How would this creature move? Imagine the moment before you dive off of a cliff into water. Hot orange sand against cool blue sea. The feeling of falling, the tug of gravity.

adat is a piece that explores color, pattern, and body. It was created through play by Holly Heidt, Joan E. Mann, Hartley Parish, Asha Tamirisa, Sylvana Tapia, and Eunmi Yeo.

"Apparitions" is inspired by real-life ghost stories told to Julie Petrusak by family and friends.
Whether these encounters were real or not is unimportant. What matters is that each person felt that their experience happened for a significant reason. Currently a work in progress, "Apparitions" explores the connection between people that causes them to feel influenced, guided, or inspired by someone, even after they have passed.

Cristina Gustaitis will present a work in progress.