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re-new digital arts festival 2012

  • Location:
    Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, Copenhagen, 2450, DK

The annual re-new digital arts festival presents a wide selection of the newest ground-breaking works in digital music, video, installations, performative, and distributed / collaborative art.

re-new 2012
With the theme Cybernetics revisited – towards a third order? we want to take the early cybernetics’ vision of an imaginative model of open-ended experimentation further into the interactive media art field, for artistic considerations, discussions and novel experimentation. Media artists, visual artists, performers, musicians, composers and others working in digital media in its many forms will meet during the event which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark

November 19-22 2012

in connection with IMAC 2012. We aim to present groundbreaking works in combinations of digitally enhanced music, video and installations in collaborative, distributed and site-specific art. Emphasis is on non-traditional genres, and submissions are accepted in all categories imaginable: we want works that challenge and expand current vocabulary and practice of digital creation, presentation, performance and consumption.