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James Moore: Zone Walker / зона ходунки

  • Location:
    The Unstitute, The Internets,

James Moore

Zone Walker / зона ходунки

01/11/12 - 31/01/13

Architectural spaces, computer games and photographic realism all play a part in James Moore's work. These paintings all picture something expansive, something concrete, conjured-up from fictional environments, sketches and photographs. One work may depict a virtual space, from an imagined world, while another might show a city park or a building from the real world. The painted scenes are never unbelievable spaces - they always stay close to the real, on the border of fiction.

"My proposal for the residency is to post a series (approx 30) of drawings / paintings on a web page over the course of the residency. The drawings will form a journal that documents my fictitious wanderings around The Zone. The drawings would picture a series of urban and rural landscapes, industrial waste grounds and so on, and a few characters and creatures. I intend to let my mind roam as the journey starts. I have a rough plan of some key locations to draw, but I want to keep the images lively. This also means that the potential for surrealism will be very strong. The images will be based on a mixture of stills from computer games, scenes from a particular novel and real places that I will visit. These physical places add an interesting element, as I will actually start to take on the strange role of the walker in the zone."

To enter, visit www.theunstitute.org and navigate to the Това́рищ (colleagues) room.