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Since 2005, Digicult has been a cultural platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society.

As many who have known us in the past years, Digicult is an ambitious project, offering a complete and dynamic critical, informational and communication online service, and requiring a daily and constant commitment. Without any help from institutions or private investors, Digicult is in constant need of support from the members of its community, its readership and its fans.

We need a concrete help that will assist us in facing administration expenses and the daily labour required to take care of our future, our successive steps, the projects to come. Our aim is to offer to you an increasingly exciting platform and an instrument of analysis and research progressively more effective and up-to-date.

Make a contribution to help us reach our 5,000 Euro goal, which is essential to cover all the expenses we have had to develop the new platform and services, and to support also our operation over the next year!

That means if 500 people give 10,00 Euro in the next weeks we can do it – If you've been holding back, we need you to give now (using Paypal or Credit Card payments)!

What is the Campaign for

Nowadays, Digicult is based on the active participation of over 50 professionals that represent an national and international wide Network of journalists, critics, curators, artists, theorists, and professionals. Digicult is a Cultural Association in the field of contemporary creativity and cultural avant-gardes, dedicated to the research at the crossroad between technologies, sciences and tactical use of media.

Digicult has just initiated the development of a new sustainable economy based on web 2.0 and networking strategies, operating independently and autonomously from any form of institutional or private support. To reach this target, in the last 6 months we have developed a brand new online platform, for a deeper online navigation experience within all our contents. More than 2000 articles produced in recent years by Digicult, are collected in its archive section and ex former Digimag part of the website (http://www.digicult.it/media/digimag-e-magazine/): interviews to the protagonists of the arts scene, reports from the most significant events and critical and theoretical in-depth articles related to the impact of digital technologies on the arts, design and contemporary society.

And, this is not the only news! We have also worked increasing our inner structure: a new Board is now working side by side with the Editorial Staff (http://www.digicult.it/about-us/board-and-contacts/), managing and developing web portal contents , the new Digimag Journal (http://www.digicult.it/media/journal/) critical subjects and the daily newspaper (http://paper.li/digicult/1344594329).

Parallely, we have launched the last branch of the Digicult world: the Digicult Publishing whose goal is to be more active in the publication of the Digimag magazine, critical and theoretical essays, university theses, publications edited in collaboration with other publishers, artists' books as well as peer-reviewed publications. In our online store, developed together with Flows (http://www.flows.tv/digicultshop), you will be able to buy our past and future issues of Digimag in e-book format. In the new online library, developed through Issuu online system (http://issuu.com/digicultlibrary), you will be able to browse and download and share all Digimag Issues past and future Pdf files. And finally, the newborn Digicult Editions service, developed on Lulu online platform (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/digiculteditions), is our dream of self-publication and print on demand philosophy.

Let’s also check out all our past communication activities and services. Now listed in a specific side of the website called “Services”, you’ll find out all media partnerships, press office opportunities, social networking strategies, newsletter services. It was created with the purpose to make clear to our partners all the Digicult online communication potentialities, to support partner’s marketing, communication and networking activities. And, do not forget to follow our curatorial projects. The Digicult Agency is come back, let’s check out the Italian and International artists included (http://www.digicult.it/agency/artists/). In the same section, you will find also a list of our past curatorships, productions, lectures and education activities

How to support Digicult and receive benefits

Donate now!

The simplest way to support Digicult. it is a system conceived using the FLOSS system of funding as a model. it is a free choice to fund an project independent and autonomous from any institutional or private funds.

Digicult membership will allow you to deepen your knowledge of new media art and connect you more closely to the field. Membership comes with tools and resources as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve lent a great measure of support to an independent organization.

Digicult Cultural Association
Like any cultural association, Digicult offers the possibility to become a member. Once the transaction is done, the new member of the association will receive an e-mail containing a copy of the regulation with the date of subscription.

Subscription for Organizations

Organizational Subscriptions are group memberships structured and priced for institutional communities such as universities, art schools, art centres, museums and libraries. Pricing is based upon the estimated number of users who will be accessing Digicult, and not necessarily the size of the entire institution. Many of our current subscribers generally base this estimation on the size of a relevant department or school.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Marco Mancuso (Digicult founder and director)