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Chicago Dirty New Media [Round Robin]

  • Location:
    the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago) , 220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60611, US

Join us for this real-time audio and video performance event which celebrates the Dirty New Media movement in Chicago. Dirty New Media artists utilize hacked electronics and improvisation to create works of art that are so wrong they’re right. Performances take place in the bottom level of the museum’s garage and start at 6pm, with setup starting at 4 pm. Feel free to stop in and chat with folks as they prep their circuits and setup. This event is organized in collaboration with Nick Briz, an artist currently based in Chicago.


Participating artists:

_∆∆øÑ?.-~máhj!îx (jonCates && Jake Elliott)
Arcanebolt (Mark Beasley && Alex Inglizian)
Felker, Lori
Jason Soliday
Lisa Slodki
Monica Panzarino
Morgan Higby-Flowers
Square Square (David Musgrave, Alex Halbert, Saul Rojas && Sam Mewton)
Vaudeo Signal (Ben Baker-Smith && Evan Kühl)
William Robertson

this will be a ‘round-robin’, a format borrowed from the Baltimore music scene, where performers set-up at the same time around the perimeter of the venue (in this case the museum’s garage) and perform short sets one after another (around the circle) passing the baton (or cables in this case) from one to the next.