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Open Studio: Part of GO Bklyn Art Project

  • Location:
    The Poetry Club Artspace Studios, 317 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, New York, 11216, US

Two members of The Poetry Club Artspace (Melissa Godoy Nieto and Carolina Zamora) will have an open studio weekend (Sat-Sun 11am-7pm) part of the Go Brooklyn Art project.
Join us for a drink/refreshments and check out our most recent work.
We will have a map so you can check in other studios in the area and vote.
Please register as a voter here (very quick and easy):

Thank you thank you for your lovely support and to brooklyn art :-)

GO: "Community members registered as voters will visit studios and nominate artists for inclusion in a group exhibition to open at the Brooklyn Museum on Target First Saturday, December 1, 2012."