Vinyl [A performance lecture about a private record collection] | Bill Aitchison

  • Location:
    Sound//Space @ V22 Summer Club, The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clement's Road, London, SE16 4DG, GB

26 July: Performance | Vinyl by Bill Aitchison | 7:30-9pm | (S//S Project Space) |

From the Wombles to The Final Countdown and from experimental noise to Tibetan Buddhist Chants, Bill's record collection is a pretty damn diverse even perverse and tonight he'll play some of it and talk about the tracks. He'll not just talk about the music however he will also talk about what the records mean, about the memories they spark, for a record collection is so much more than just fragile black disks that play music. A record collection is a depository of thoughts and emotions, those of the collector overlaid upon those of the society. Bill will therefore play some of the wildly diverse vinyl he has picked up over many years on the move and recall, revise and retell what it might be a record of.

"deliciously lunatic" British Theatre Guide