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    Jan. 16, 2005, 1:32 p.m.

Indira Montoya wrote:

> Thecry.org was a mental escape from the social and political crisis my
> country went trough in 2001 and 2002.
> My friends had left for europe, Buenos Aires was the capital of chaos,
> and I saw my life and projects run down the drain in a few days. Love,
> hatred, illusions, all could be resumed in a word: failure.
> thecry.org is about visual consequences; the only consequences one
> could empatically assume in the middle of doubts. For the first time
> in years, my country, magically, assume it was a part of Latin
> America, and rejectantly revealed its most intimate, loneliest
> inhabitants to the eyes of the casual viewer

Chris (Krazho) replied:

> I wonder if it's too late. But then we could be in time for a new beginning. I wonder if I could sometimes visit your studio developed in Argentina. It bouthes a lot that such mistakes were made, but then I take this to mean that was a by-gone of less concern (much like Crosby, Stills , Nash, and Young sing). You need to stop me. It stuttered too madness. Life needs to, again speculate (no one wants to speculate on your "THECRY"), but then it would need to wonder if you are taken to speculations, yourself, with your personal contact with the creator, or the Other loved one… bla, bla.

> it crossed my mind to think of Boenos Aires as within a facinating provincial discoursive realm (I believe it might not be bad to visit if not just for its economic contrasts ( mills, bread factories, and commercial enterprises of and for technology)). Interest rates are high; aren't they?

> How long have I missed this message on thecry.org. Should be more appropriate to the Golden Rule.

> Please send the usual non-commital information about your group by postal mail (hmmm, that would be nice).

> Address:

Christopher W. Krajewski
151 La Rose Avenue, #801,
Toronto, ON; CANADA
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