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Digicult: the new platform is online

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Finally, after so much time and such hard work, the new platform is ready. A new website to better browse all our old contents and to deeply share the new ones: interviews, essays, reports, calls, books, news & more. The Archive of our past projects, curatorships and partnerships, and an overview to new online and offline Services. The launch of 3 new activities: the Digimag Journal, the Digicult Agency and the Online Publishing service. Let's check our new Board, the Editorial Staff, our Partners, the Artists involved and the Network Authors profiles. Any feedbacks and comments will be welcome, and thanks for your never ending support.

More news about the first Call for Papers by the new Digimag Journal, soon. Stay tuned…

Since 2005, Digicult has been a cultural platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and sciences on the arts, design, culture and contemporary society. Marco Mancuso, critic, teacher and curator, founded and currently directs Digicult, based on the active participation of over 50 professionals that represent an national and international wide Network of journalists, critics, curators, artists, theorists, and professionals.

Digicult was born to give voice and visibility to a new generation of interdisciplinary authors, expand their circuits into an international context, and simultaneously break the existing inflexible publishing rules of the press, by exploiting potentialities of the Web, and its free networks in order to grow, to survive and to spread.

Currently, Digicult is a web platform updated daily by its editorial staff whose main activity is based on the collection and publication of news of events, festivals, meetings, workshops and exhibitions at the international level, announcements and calls for artists, researchers and professionals, book publications, presentations of artistic and research projects. In addition, it produces interviews to the protagonists of the arts scene, reports from the most significant events and critical and theoretical in-depth articles related to the impact of digital technologies on the arts, design and contemporary society. More than 2000 articles (interviews, reports and insights) produced in recent years by Digicult, are collected in its archive section collecting its content by author names and specific issues, providing a unique online resource for researchers, academics, scholars or simply enthusiasts.

In recent years, Digicult has given special importance to the creation of an internal circuit of professionals and an external network of contacts and professional relationships with artists, designers, schools, festivals, publishers, galleries, museums, media centers and institutions dealing with research, development, production, and exposition of creativity through digital technologies. So, using specific communication tools such as the Web Platform, the Newsletter Service and Social Networks, Digicult provides several support activities to facilitate online communication and media partnerships for cultural and artistic events. Working also as a of press office, Digicult is able to furnish media coverage of events and to develope special editorial projects with external partners.

The Digicult Agency promotes and organizes the work of selected international media and A/V artists, presenting their work in Europe and worldwide. In the last years, Digicult has been having the possibility to collaborate with national and international partners, working with art and cultural institutions, festivals and events, media centers, art galleries and exhibitions, schools and academies and online platforms. Working side by side with all its partners, Digicult Agency has been developing exhibitions and concerts, special events, workshops, lectures and screenings, seminars and round tables, involving also the Digicult Network members and their backgrounds, theoretical studies and professional experiences. This international Digicult Network is made of selected professionals and academics, such as educators, journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practioners and critics, with a track record of research, academic and professional practice in the fields of contemporary digital arts, design and culture.

Today Digicult is a Cultural Association with an Editorial Board (Marco Mancuso, Lucrezia Cippitelli, Bertram Niessen, Roberta Buiani & Claudia D'Alonzo) and an Editorial Staff (Alessandra Saviotti, Silvia Bertolotti & Giulia Tonucci), working in the field of contemporary creativity and cultural avant-gardes dedicated to the research at the crossroad between technologies, sciences and tactical use of media; it is currently engaged in developing a new production strategy, Digicult Publishing, whose goal is to be more active in the publication of critical and theoretical essays commissioned to international authors, university theses of special interest, publications edited in collaboration with other national and international publishers, as well as peer-reviewed publication with institutional partners.

All these activities have allowed Digicult to initiate the development of a new sustainable economy, operating independently and autonomously from any form of institutional or private support.

Marco Mancuso | Digicult Director
Critic, Curator and Professor