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elsewhereelsewhere.org invites you to arrive Elsewhere

  • Deadline:
    March 1, 2005, midnight

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, a conceptual artists space in Greensboro, NC, is
seeking journeypeople to pursue artistic creations and criticism in a contextually
interpreted and designed environment.

Participating in a residency-like program, Journeypeople will be provided
access to a 12,000 sq. ft. converted thrift store (stuck in a locational palindrome).
Artists are expected to integrate the plethora of 70 years of thrift resources
(toys, furniture, books, clothing, fabric, etc. etc. etc.) or their experience at Elsewhere
into the content (subject or object) of their work. The objects within the
space do not permanently leave the space, providing for the exploration of the
potential for a fixed but transforming set of objects. Elsewhere artists explore
traditional and emerging media and media fusion, representational possibilities, and community/communication models.
Elsewhere’s non-commercial museum-type space is a constantly reflexive and evolving environment where artwork serves as dialogue and dialogue systems become artwork. Re-contextualized objects become the medium of expression and response between participants. Located in Greensboro, NC’s downtown, historic district, the experience of southern America offers a backdrop to Elsewhere’s conceptual, artistic and intellectual
realm. Elsewhere houses a gallery/orientation center, press office, studio, kitchen, performance venue, library, fabric workshop—all installation pieces in themselves which serve as interactive environments that enable artists to comment on, discuss, and recreate traditional art, social, and cultural institutions. Artists are encouraged to redesign space and its accompaniments (objects) for a contextual artistic experiment that exposes process as art
form. Elsewhere seeks innovative creators that are striving to apply their work and ideas to a large-scale project that cultivates individual initiative within a community of makers.

Toys are people too.

Journeypeople are needed to engage projects: spatial development and construction, documentation via still and video photography, fashion design, interior design and architecture, graphic design, magazine and newspaper publishing run in the press office, archiving, research, educational programming and design, business initiatives, art administration, and artistic pursuits in traditional and emerging art forms.
After participating in the community for a week, Journeypeople submit documentable proposals for independent or collaborative projects. Elsewhere provides a network of local artists and students to connect journeypeople with free or inexpensive housing options. Elsewhere offers affordable meals through a food co-op, artistic access to the seemingly infinite resources, customizable space within which to work, and involvement in a community of artists all speaking to and interacting within a post-modern theme. Journeypeople may also be involved in the larger conceptual project that includes community interfacing programs and urban planning issues. While art objects must remain within the space and are subject to further conversion, artists have the opportunity to substantially build or augment a portfolio while exploring their media and contributing to an collaborative artistic endeavor.

Those interested in the residency-style program should contact George Scheer (Collaborative Director) and/or Stephanie Sherman (Conceptual Director/Casting Director) at wanderingzoo@mac.com or 336.549.5555. Internships and volunteer opportunities are also available. We will respond with a brief application process to gauge artistic synchronicity between the individual and project as a whole. Those interested in renting the resources for
artistic productions or collaborations between Elsewhere and other organizations should also contact George. Elsewhere, a 501©3 organization, is funded in part by a grant from Greensboro’s United Arts Council. For more
information, see www.homepage.mac.com/wanderingzoo.