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After having taken Milan by storm, during one of the most important events in the food industry in Italy, our hunger doesn’t stop there, on the contrary, it grows and is infectious. Identità Affamate (Hungry Identities), the most recent work by artist Franca Formenti, mixes art, food and activism, and will be part of the UMAMI: Food and Art Festival www.umamifestival.org, taking place from 12th to 17th April in New York.

The artist has been invited to present one of her videos of her previous performance entitled Beggar’s Food - Ho fame/Hai fame? (I’m Hungry/Are You Hungry?) (2010, www.foodpower.it) and will take the opportunity to entice taste buds and brain cells by getting the public and chefs involved in the game of Identità Affamate attempts to emphasise the differences between hunger and gluttony, concentrating on fragmented identities in urban settings and inviting New York chefs to contribute to the project. Identità Affamate will give:

1 Fork to the chef who will accept to offer a taste of his/her own cuisine to a member of the public who could normally never afford to sit at a “starred” table;

2 Forks to the chef who will accept to spoon feed that member of the public;

3 Forks to the chef who will accept to cook with the member of the public;
The people involved will be asked to talk about the food they have tasted. The action will be videotaped.

In anticipation of the event in New York, here are the videos of the first event during Gourmand Identities (February 2012)

Chef Paolo Donei

With gluttony you eat with your eyes
(hungry identity G.N.)

Chef Lorenzo Cogo
Hunger is something that we still have to experience 100%
(L. Cogo)

Chef Christian Puglisi
Gluttony is gluttony is something else entirely…
(hungry identity V.N.)

Concept: Franca Formenti

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skype: franca.formenti
Press: pressmail@digicult.it