Me and Everyone That is With Me: Dan Herschlein, Graham Hamilton, and Alex Casso

  • Location:
    Recess, 41 Grand Street , New York , NY , 10013, US

In collaboration with: The Whitney Museum of American Art and the Regent Family Residence

March 22 - April 11, 2012
Reception: March 30th, 6-8pm

Employing Fluxus-inspired prompts, artists Alex Casso, Graham Hamilton, and Dan Herschlein, along with children from the Regent Family Residence, used the classroom and the Whitney’s galleries to investigate the overlap of play and performance. After sessions with the children, the artists began translating their findings into an immersive installation with multiple live video feeds and simultaneous projections.

From March 22 – April 11, the artists will translate their findings in the form of an immersive installation at Recess. Statements, sketches and actions generated through collaborations with the children will become sets for improvised and prescribed actions. Using multiple live video feeds and simultaneous projections, visitors to Recess will take on the role of performer as their presence is enmeshed within these sets and replayed throughout the space. Placing the viewer in these mirrored stages, the artists will replicate the performative play generated by the children.

Watch The Day We Met, a video created by the artists as part of the project.