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Audiovisual Programming: Mapping and Visualization

  • Location:
    l'ull cec @ Fabra i Coats - Fàbrica de Creació, Sant Adrià, 20, Barcelona, Barcelona, ES

This seminar will investigate the built-in graphical features of SuperCollider and how to use these artistically in combination with the sound synthesis server. We will use simple sounds and simple graphics to explore the endless possibilities of audiovisual mapping and sound visualization. The aim is to combine shapes, colours, paths and pixels with oscillators, control signals, wavetables and spectrums. At the end of the course we will have programmed a few unique audiovisual instruments and connected your own sound generating code with some extendable drawing routines. We will also have played with drawing time and frequency domain representations of audio and looked at generating static images by plotting waveforms in non-realtime.

This seminar will be taught in English.

Level: intermediate

Instructor: Fredrik Olofsson

Fredrik Olofsson was trained as a composer at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. As part of MusicalFieldsForever he has exhibited interactive art at museums and galleries. He currently teaches at the University of Arts of Berlin and is a frequent contributor within the SuperCollider open source community. He is also one of the founding members of TOPLAP, a collective that popularized the use of live coding.

This activity is organized by l'ull cec with the collaboration of Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Fabra Coats – Fábrica de Creació.