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artport redesign and new commissions: Ursula Endlicher's Sunrise / Sunset and Scott Snibbe's Tripolar app

Visit the redesigned artport @ http://whitney.org/artport
Launched in 2002, the original artport website is being gradually integrated into the museum’s current website, as individual projects are updated.


Scott Snibbe’s Tripolar, originally commissioned by the Whitney for its 2002 CODeDOC exhibition, is now available as an iPhone and iPad app. Tripolar animates the tangled, abstract, and ever-changing forms a pendulum makes as it swings over a magnetic base. It is available from the iTunes store and via the artist’s website: http://www.snibbe.com/store/2012/01/22/tripolar-release/.

Ursula Endlicher's Light and Dark Networks is a new work for Sunrise / Sunset (http://whitney.org/Exhibitions/Artport/Commissions/SunriseSunset), a series of Internet art projects commissioned by the Whitney specifically for whitney.org to mark sunset and sunrise in New York City every day. Unfolding over a timeframe of ten to thirty seconds, each project accompanies a transition of the website’s background color from white (day) to black (night) and vice versa. Light and Dark Networks consists of two online “data performances”— taking place at sunset and sunrise, respectively—inspired by the structures of natural networks and affected by weather and environmental changes. Visitors encounter depictions of a spider’s web at sunrise and a mushroom’s mycelium—a network of hidden branching filaments that absorb nutrients for the mushrooms to grow—at sunset. Virtual creatures, a spider and mushrooms impersonated by the artist, are activated to perform different “data dances” according to the changes in their habitat, which is defined by current New York City weather and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.
Also see: http://lightdarknetworks.ursenal.net/