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  • Deadline:
    Nov. 25, 2004, 1:43 p.m.

Re: non-gallery at 5 Central Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New
Zealand. It is called, at this moment, OXPEN GALXE.

There is information on TCMOTU (www.xxos.net)and the online component can be found a little more easily at www.5centralroad.com which is also one of the backdoors to TCMOTU.

Offline, OXPEN GALXE is part of the labyrinth at that address and we
are looking for proposals from 'artists' to exhibit there. There is
also accom-o-dation at the same address (www.accom-o-dation.net is in
preparation) and the potential for 'artists' in residence on an
ongoing basis…if they can organise their own funding.

There is the opportunity for collaborative projects.

The Paul Annears

(for more information on The Paul Annears visit www.xxos.net and click on '2' on the site navigation bars).