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FIELDCLUB Late at Tate St Ives

  • Location:
    Tate St Ives, St Ives, Cornwall, GB

Late at Tate St Ives


25 November 2011

18.00 – 21.30

Free entry

Tate St Ives presents ‘FIELDCLUB & Friends’, an evening of art, film and live music organised by the Cornwall-based collective FIELDCLUB. This event is realised within the framework of Late at Tate, an experimental programme taking place the last Friday of each month. ‘FIELDCLUB & Friends’ features a series of projects that occupy different spaces across the gallery.

The event includes an introduction to FIELDCLUB’s practice and premieres the work FieldMachine 1.0 (Interactive Meaty Master: Self-Sufficiency Calculator Table). This project is an interactive webtool that enables visitors to design their desired diet in a self-sufficient UK and discover the effects this scheme could have on the land across St Ives. They also showcase 24hr FIELDCLUB Wildlife Museum, an ongoing collection of archaeological artefacts found during farming activities at FIELDCLUB.

The event also features themed contributions by other artists.

Multimedia artist Nigel Ayers, will perform a live psycho-acoustic set to accompany his new work 'Compost' – a forty minute digital animation that visually isolates biotic elements of a compost heap and subjects them to crypto-zoological distortion.

There will be screenings of recent films by Adi Gelbart, James Kelly, and Pil and Galia Kollectiv. These works explore a sinister future where the earth is overrun with mutant alien vegetables, the absurdity and insignificance of human interaction with land, and the futility of the modernist utopian project. In addition, musical collective The Busk Stop Crew plays a lively session of traditional tunes at a barn party in the Café.

Led by artist Paul Chaney, FIELDCLUB develops collaborative projects that address issues relating to off-grid living and self-sufficiency. Often involving other artists, scientists and philosophers, these initiatives take the form of artistic research and the organisation of seminars and events. At the core of FIELDCLUB’s practice is a system of low-impact provision that creates autonomous ‘units’ intended to satisfy the basic needs of individuals in a UK without imports. Over the last few years, FIELDCLUB has put this theory into practice by establishing an experimental ‘unit’ in Cornwall.

For further information on this Late at Tate event or The Indiscipline of Painting exhibition, please contact Arwen Fitch: 01736 792185 arwen.fitch@tate.org.uk