LiveBox at upART Toronto

  • Location:
    Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M6J1J6, CA

LiveBox at upART presents "Sonic Tours" by Ryan T Dunn
co-created by Joseph Kramer, and curated by Matt Griffin  
Oct 27 7-10PM

 A live pseudo-informational performance engaging
with the relationship between objects and interpretation,
goods and sales, and sincerity and satire.  Live
intervention meets permanence, the generation of experience
is made forefront in the context of attempts to historicize
temporally enacted creations through the primacy of

"Sonic Tours" was originally developed by Dunn and Kramer for
performance at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, IL, 2010, in
a LiveBox curated program.  In this piece, a series of
performers – “tour guide” and “accompanists” – lead gallery
viewers through a “fake tour”, which is soundtracked,
punctuated, and interrupted by the “accompanists”, performing
improvised music/noise on instruments real and built. The piece
combines the formal rigor of art criticism with an absurdity
humor, and acts as a disruptive element to the traditional
discussions and interactions that would typically take place at
an art event.