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InterACT-Senses Places

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    Second Life-LEA4 Simulator,

InterACT!, curated by L1Aura Loire/Lori Landay
Opening October 15, 2 pm PDT
Virtual art can invite, or even insist, that you interact with it. The artists in this exhibition cleverly and creatively make art out of interactions between data, objects, actions, and people within and beyond the virtual world in a stunning array of installations and experiences that stretch the possibilities of virtual art. Expect the unexpected, and click whenever you can.
2PM PDT: Interactive Performance @SENSES PLACES mixed reality dance-technology environment
Senses Places is a playful mixed reality performance environment for audience participation. An ongoing dance-technology collaboration generating whole body multimodal interfacings keen to a somatic cross-cultural dance approach. Senses Places stresses the awareness and integration of simultaneous sensory-perceptions, local-remote embodied connections, a place where participants and environments meet and engage kinesthetic/synesthetically.
What emerging embodied realities and cultural specific exchanges will surface in the multi-participant multifaceted involvement? Linked accumulatively or not to the suggested interfaces: Livestream, webcam, Wiimote©, and soon Kinect©, it will all depend on the participants’ interactive experience with their own and each other’s physical bodies, video mediations, avatar moves, and/or environmental changes.
Senses Places - Mixed Reality Participatory Performance Environment by:
Butler2 Evelyn/Isabel Valverde, PT
Toddles Lightworker/Todd Cochrane, NZ
In Yan/Keiji Mitsubuchi, JP
Island Habana/Yukihiko Yoshida; JP
Anisabel/Ana Moura, PT
Also Physical site @ Ler Devagar, Rua Rodrigues Faria,, Lx Factory, 1300-501 Alcântara, Lisboa, PORTUGAL 
(Antiga Gráfica Mirandela em Alcântara) 103 - Ed. G - 0.3,
Installations by:
AM Radio
Eupalinos Ugajin
Glyph Graves
Lorin Tone
Maya Paris
Misprint Thursday
PinkPink Sorbet
Selavy Oh