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Kernel Festival /011

  • Location:
    Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio, Milan, IT

Digicult presents:

01-03 of July 2011
Villa TIttoni Traversi,
Desio (Mi), Italy

Program: http://www.kernelfestival.net/en/festival-011-2/program/
Workshops: http://www.kernelfestival.net/en/festival-011-2/workshop/
Round Tables: http://www.kernelfestival.net/en/festival-011-2/meeting/
Exhibition: http://www.kernelfestival.net/en/festival-011-2/exhibition/
Temporary Architecture: http://www.kernelfestival.net/en/festival-011-2/architecture/

Digicult (Marco Mancuso) was part of The Selection Committee of the
Interactive and Digital Art section:

Digicult (Marco Mancuso) will also moderate the round table "SYNC" with Dj Spooky and Telenoika:


Kernel Festival /011 propose itself as a heterogeneous reality, an
international event devoted to the multiform languages of contemporary art: Interactive & Digital Art, Audiovisual Mapping, Electronic Sound & Music, Temporary Architecture, for three days of great entertainment and a skillful mix of tradition and modernity, thanks to the neoclassic lines of Villa Tittoni Traversi, eighteenth-century jewel in the heart of Brianza, which will be the location of the event. An harmonic union between important avant-garde artists, international electronic musicians and young emerging talents,
accurately selected among 250 proposals come from 39 countries, who will have the unique opportunity to show their skills.

Electronic music plan includes on Friday 1st Lab Frequency’s dubstep,
Kode9’s deep sound, the versatile Dj Spooky and Mother Inc. group. On Saturday 2nd the different shades of techno: from the experimental Tonylight’s rhythms to the concrete sound by Moritz Von Oswald Trio, from Shed’s dark beats, star of  Berghain, to the performance of the special guest Troy Pierce. The music plan is completed by the sound installation Oscilla, by Andrea Santini, inside St Francesco’s Chapel, open to public for the occasion.

Beside the Dj sets, big names of Audiovisual Mapping, as the Catalan
community Telenoika, Roberto Fazio and AreaOdeon: the neoclassic shapes of Villa Tittoni will become the screen of architectural projections which redefine physical space, creating a synesthetic cohesion between visual and sonic landscape.

At the same time, Unframed, collective exhibition of interactive and
digital art with works by Alex Posada, Angelo Plessas, Quayola and other artists who will investigate the several unpredictable and unrestrained visions of a reality beyond the senses.

In the park, Temporary Architecture installations by Michiko Yamada, Edi Sulga and Gianluca Milesi will explore the architectural language evolution through the production of new building and planning techniques, in favor of dynamic structures and innovative assemblages.

Finally, Kernel Festival won’t be a static event, but a special place of
interaction between rhythms, artistic techniques and different cultures, thanks to round tables, meetings and 5 workshops with famous artists specialized in the four areas of interest: Interactive & Digital Art, Audiovisual Mapping, Electronic Sound & Music, Temporary Architecture.

Kernel Festival /011: a breeding ground of minds, expert and emerging
talents, where it will be possible to share ideas, emotions, pictures and