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Sense Noise Exhibition - at enblanco - Berlin

  • Location:
    enblanco Projektraum , Manteuffel str.73, Berlin, 10999, DE

André Castro - Sense Noise
From June  4th until 25th, 2011
Opening: Saturday June 4th, 2011 at 6 pm
Concert: Saturday June 4th, 2011 at 8 pm
enblanco is proud to present “Sense Noise” by André Castro.
This exhibition will begin with a series of pieces developed for the Tactile Noise project – an initiative started in 2010, dedicated to the construction DIY touch-reactive sound synthesizers, and demystification of the world of electronics.
The exhibited works consist of old cigarette boxes, each containing a unique sound generating circuit. By entering in physical contact with each box's contact-points and therefore its circuit, the body becomes part of the box's electrical flux, which triggers the generation of sound. Position, skin humidity and pressure are variants which modify the sound characteristics, turning these simple objects into a sonic puzzle open to sensorial exploration.
As an opening event, a workshop will take place during the 1st and 2nd of June, where participants will learn how to build their own tactile-noise boxes. With these ready, they will join the exhibition's inaugural concert (Saturday - 4th of June), and bring an end to their neighbors' peace.
After the opening André will use the space as an open studio, where new pieces that explore both aural and electronic universes will be developed and exhibited.
André Castro (b.1983) is a sound artist from Lisbon, graduated in Sonic Arts by the Middlesex University.
He develops works which, although often different in form, have in common the employment and exploration of sound and technology. A great part of these projects has been created in collaboration with designers, visual artists and choreographers.
In recent years he has developed an interest for the potential and imaginary of the radio. For this medium, he has created the sound installation Radio Fragments, shown last year at enblanco, and the radiophonic documentaries Subterráneos de Lisboa, and Boat People.
Since last year he has begun to explore the world of electronics. Such incursions have resulted in the Tactile Noise project.