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Still Waters

  • Location:
    The Rymer Gallery, 233 5th Ave N, Nashville, Tennessee, 37219

Still Waters, a multi-media exhibition by Catherine Forster,
explores the multifaceted components of water, a substance we are always in fear of having too much of or too little. Still Waters includes video, sound, paintings, and large-scale inkjet print collages, which encase the gallery’s 19th century steel columns.
Forster pushes and pulls the distinctions and contradictions we make between the natural and the mediated. The “H2O” painting series is physical and personal, the aluminum columns “Whispering Pause”, “Salty Wine” and “Curdled Tango”, are lush yet surface-less and unreachable. They reflect the plush mediated presentations we are used too, but actually possess little resemblance to the natural world. They represent both what we want and what we are missing. The videos H2O and Swallow are both opposites and compliments, H2Ocelebrates the union of water and light, while Swallow explores its physicality and sheer power.