London Churches, Part 4

"The Bank of England. I've never actually seen it before. Monolithic building, like a ziggurat. Staring blank walls, fortress-like. Two grey-haired bearded men in black overcoats, polished black shoes, pacing the pavement, side by side, both smoking cigars, deep in conversation. Incredible: like something out of the 1920s. Grey-haired men with cigars, controlling the economy."
The fourth part of a hyperfiction based on visits to churches in the City of London. Part 4 takes in the following:
St Stephen Walbrook
St Margaret, Lothbury
St Michael, Cornhill
St Peter, Cornhill
St Edmund, King and Martyr
All Hallows-on-the-Wall
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- Edward Picot - personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange