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LUMIA: art/light/motion

  • Location:
    State Library of Queensland, Cultural Centre Stanley Place, Brisbane, Queensland, 4101, AU

Lumia: art/light/motion is a new media exhibition presented by State Library of Queensland in partnership with Queensland-based Kuuki collective artists Priscilla Bracks and Gavin Sade. Explore contemporary life and encourage thought about the future through an extraordinary collection of hand-crafted and interactive electronic creatures and installations. These beautifully crafted new media artworks in Lumia: art/light/motion combine the bespoke with art and technology to create strange but intriguing objects.
Kuuki is a collaboration bound together by an interest in how people interact with, and shape the world in which they live. Kuuki is a Japanese word that translates literally to oxygen, air or atmosphere, but is also used colloquially to mean things we take for granted, but cannot live without. Priscilla and Gavin take an avid interest in contemporary issues and popular culture, reading the air or mining the wealth of our collective consciousness and action for inspiration and ideas. This inspiration and ideas has been transformed into five new media artworks which will draw you into a curious ‘other’ world – intriguing the most curious of minds, and invite you to engage with contemporary global issues and reconsider personal and cultural priorities.