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UrbanRemix in Times Square

  • Location:
    Times Square, New York, New York, 10036, US

UrbanRemix is a collaborative and locative sound project developed by Jason Freeman, Carl DiSalvo, Michael Nitsche, and many of our students at Georgia Tech. Our goal in developing UrbanRemix was to design a platform and series of events that would enable participants to develop and express the acoustic identity of their communities, and enable participants to explore and experience the soundscapes of the city in a novel fashion. The UrbanRemix platform consists of a mobile phone system and web interface for recording, browsing, and mixing audio. It allows users to document and explore the obvious, neglected, private or public, even secret sounds of the urban environment. Participants become active creators of shared soundscapes as they search the city for interesting sound cues. The collected sounds, voices, and noises provide the original tracks for musical remixes that reflect the specific nature and acoustic identity of the community.
In collaboration with the Times Square Alliance Public Art Program, UrbanRemix will host a series of events in Times Square. Throughout April and May 2011, the public is invited to capture and contribute sounds from Times Square using the free UrbanRemix apps for iPhone/iOS and Android. Then, using the web site, anyone-anywhere can explore the contributed sounds online, view them on a virtual map of Times Square, and mix and share their own soundscapes. On May 12, New York-based electronic musicians Travis Thatcher and Damon Holzborn will perform live remixes of the collected sounds in a free performance in Times Square.
Full details are in the attached flyer and below.
We look forward to your participation!
1. DOWNLOAD the free mobile app:
iOS App: http://bit.ly/gWxGoO
Android App: http://bit.ly/esEuIe
2. LAUNCH the app and sign-in
(username: TimesSquare and password: TimesSquare)
or create your personal user account at http://urbanremix.gatech.edu
3. GO TO TIMES SQUARE, record sounds and take photos, then hit "upload" to share them.
4. Visit http://urbanremix.gatech.edu to see what others have shared and to make your own remixes online.
IF YOU CAN'T GET TO TIMES SQUARE, you can still use our web site to explore and remix the sounds that have been contributed: http://urbanremix.gatech.edu/content/times-square